Once Again

So it’s here again. Spring. Can you see it? From ground to sky, basically all around you. New fresh grown grass, sprouting flowers, birds singing, the sun is shining brighter and everything is just better. Spring marks the beginning of the seasons starting over. Once again we are moving towards late nights, beautiful sunsets, stunning flowers and beautiful landscapes. For all of this to come, I bring you one of my favorite things about spring, snowdrops, as you might remember, I posted a similar post last year 🙂Image


Cold Days

Sorry for the lack of posting. The autumn season past by rather fast, and winter is upon us soon. The mornings are getting colder, and everything is getting so beautiful. I’ll try to post more!! 🙂


Long Nights

The nights er so beautiful right now. The blue sky is light and mixed with so many beautiful colors. And in the day the sun is warm and shines wonderful bright. Summer is just such a wonderful time and so absolutely pretty….


The Rain Effect

It’s been raining a lot these past few days. Even though it’s summer and all, it’s so refreshing with a little bit of rain. It makes everything look so beautiful and stunning. And it’s funny how a single drop of rain can change a thing we normally see as insignificant into something so lovely. Especially the flowers turn out so beautiful after rain.  


A Wonderful Time

I’m so sorry for not posting anything in a while. There have just been so so much going on. The weather is so wonderful, almost sunny everyday and there are flowers everywhere. It’s such a wonderful time right now. The nights are getting longer, the sun is shining a little bit brighter and the birds are singing even louder. I went for a walk with my friend, and we walked by this field, and it was amazing.  Just wonderful